Resources for Arise

The Arise Standing Wheelchair requires a prescription. If you're a potential user of Arise or a medical professional interested in prescribing Arise, this video is for you (last updated January 28, 2021). The TAMIL version is now available (last updated March 3, 2021).

This Arise Standing Wheelchair (Arise SWC) Awareness Video will answer the following questions:

  • What are the features and benefits of Arise SWC?

  • Who is Arise SWC suitable for?

  • What is the assessment procedure to be followed to determine suitability of Arise SWC?

  • How is the fit of the Arise SWC determined?

  • How can the Arise SWC be customized for the user?

  • What are the safety features of the Arise SWC?

  • How do you check that the Arise SWC has been properly fitted to the user?

Currently, this video has text in English. It will eventually have audio in multiple languages, please bear with us as working under the constraints of the lockdown has been difficult. Stay tuned for updates.

Forms required by a medical professional to determine suitability, prescribe and check out the fit for Arise are:

The forms have been created by the Clinical Team of R2D2, IIT Madras.

For product related queries or to place an order, please contact the manufacturer, Phoenix Medical Systems at 1 800 425 3503 or by Whatsapp at +91 9003271999 or by email at

Please note that while Phoenix's device price of Arise is INR 15000, taxes, shipping etc., are additional, and the need to get evaluated and fitted by a professional will also incur additional charges. Therefore, the ultimate cost to the customer may be up to INR 25000 depending on the level of care and extent of customization required.

We will be adding more people to this list as we complete the Training Workshops in different parts of India. The workshops have been delayed due to COVID-19.

We will be conducting Training Workshops for the assessment, fitting and training related to Arise across India in the coming months. The following videos are from online workshops we conducted due to COVID-19 travel restrictions last year.