TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development (R2D2) Indian Institute of Technology Madras


R2D2 is the TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development at IIT Madras, headed by Prof. Sujatha Srinivasan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The group is involved in research related to human movement and the design and development of rehabilitation and assistive technologies (AT) / devices for people with movement impairments.

R2D2 engineers affordable products for rehabilitation needs in India and beyond, works with clinical specialists, NGOs, hospitals, etc., to field-test the designs, and fosters a research environment to evaluate assistive technologies from biomechanical and functional standpoints. 

Using appropriate technology, scientific methods and innovative translational models, R2D2 aims to enable easy accessibility and affordability of assistive devices and rehabilitation resources. R2D2 has successfully transferred technology to like-minded industrial partners, including its startup, NeoMotion.


Electric Standing Wheelchair


India's most customizable and compact Electric Standing Wheelchair - NeoStand. This innovative mobility solution, created in collaboration with NeoMotion, is specifically designed for individuals with limited arm strength, featuring a motorized standing function activated at the push of a button. The wheelchair's compact design facilitates maneuverability in constrained spaces, while its extensive customization options ensure a perfect fit for the unique requirements of each user.

Wheelchair users

The wheelchair skills program aims to educate users in choosing suitable devices, appropriate usage, and troubleshooting using local resources. 

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in joining our wheelchair skills training program, 

National Center for Assistive Health Technologies, IIT Madras (NCAHT-IITM), an initiative of the ICMR co-developed with IITMRP's 10X AT Program.


Congratulations Aghil!

Aghil stands out as a proactive and enthusiastic team member, continuously enhancing lab facilities, assisting colleagues in skill development, and contributing to multiple projects. His inquisitive nature, self-driven research, and commitment to team growth make him the standout performer of the quarter.

Justin Vijay Jesudas - Head, Partnerships and Collaborations writes on Economic and social implications in a truly inclusive world 

Indian Patent No. 452352 (September 18, 2023): Attachment mechanism to convert manual wheelchair into tricycle or motorized wheelchair (Swostik Sourav Dash, Vivek Sarda & Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan). Indian Patent Application No. 6952/CHE/2015 filed 18 December 2015 


Professor Sujatha Srinivasan and her students
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