Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) results in paralysis, that’s the most obvious symptom. This translates to loss of physical movement, bladder and bowel control, sensation and a myriad of other secondary complications. Applying WHO’s estimates, there could be around 500,000 persons with SCI in India and conservatively about 15,000-20,000 incidences every year. However, the number of rehabilitation facilities specialized in rehabilitating persons with SCI are a handful, translating to less than 3000 beds a year. This shows a huge gap in rehabilitating the individuals with SCI and additionally, the rehabilitation programs currently imparted don’t have any national standardization and often don’t translate to community participation.

Touch FREEDOM: Touch FREEDOM is a user-centric virtual program driven by a team of peers with SCI and therapists that provides functional training translating to community participation. Within Touch FREEDOM, there are two synchronous programs feeding into each other

  • Independent Living Training Program: A program that supplements acute stage rehabilitation was conceptualized to provide training in home and community settings virtually using digital technology. Through virtual connects, peers and therapists impart training to fellow SCIs on bladder management, bowel management, preventing pressure sores, fitness, wheelchair skills, sexuality etc. and track progress, evaluate periodically and push them to independent living

  • Knowledge Resources: A resource platform that provides best in class, personalized and practical solutions for persons with a spinal cord injury and rehabilitation professionals in India and other middle- and low-income countries.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC & Spinal Cord Injury, an awareness resource created as part of the Touch REHAB project, designed in collaboration with the Spinal Foundation.