KADAM - Prosthetic Knee for Transfemoral Prosthesis

Kadam is India’s first indigenously developed four-bar knee under the Make in India campaign. For thousands of above-knee amputees, Kadam makes walking with a natural gait. In addition to mobility, Kadam also aims to improve users' quality of life through increased community participation, access to education, livelihood opportunities and overall well-being. 

Jointly developed by the TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development (R2D2) and Society for Biomedical Technology (SBMT), extensive user trials were conducted at Mobility India, Bangalore. Kadam was launched in April 2022, and users can contact Mobility India (phone: 7676954684, email: e-mail@mobility-india.org) for assessment, trial and purchase.

 KADAM polycentric knee

Key Feature: