NeoFly & NeoBolt

NeoMotion is a startup from R2D2, incubated at IIT Madras, focused on creating life-transformative products for people with physical challenges and the elderly. The first products from NeoMotion are NeoFly: a compact, personalized wheelchair designed to fit a user's health and lifestyle best, and NeoBolt: a motorized add-on to NeoFly to create a seamless transition to an outdoor mobility device. For a test drive, contact NeoMotion by WhatsApp: +91 97909 51730

High performance rigid wheelchair


Clip on power assist device that converts wheelchair into road worthy scooter


 Background and History

The idea for the NeoMotion products came about during the user trials and field visits for the Standing Wheelchair. Many wheelchair users, especially in rural areas, don't use their devices - their existing devices don't fit inside their homes and are unsuitable for outdoor use in rough terrain-- currently, no mobility solution for rural areas that can meet indoor and outdoor needs. There exist separate products - a wheelchair for indoor use and a tricycle for outdoor use. However, transferring to another device is difficult and presents safety issues. 

The solution to the problem is NeoRider: an attachment that converts a wheelchair into a tricycle within seconds (patent pending), enabling the user to seamlessly manoeuvre over rough terrain with safety & ease. The outdoor attachment was originally designed to be compatible with the most popular wheelchairs. 

The device has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in the mobility of wheelchair users, significantly improving their quality of life. This design won second place at the ICRC's Enable Makeathon 2016 for Team Aseem, comprising Swostik Dash, Vivek Sarda and Ashish Sharma. 

Since our R&D showed that none of the existing wheelchairs is robust enough for prolonged outdoor use with the NeoRider, we set about building a better wheelchair as well. R2D2's startup NeoMotion started working on commercializing a motorized version of the add-on (NeoBolt) and a new wheelchair (NeoFly) in 2016.

We are grateful for funding from IMPRINT-1 (MHRD and ICMR), HDFC CSR and Tata CSR for past and current support for developing NeoFly and NeoBolt.