India's most customizable and compact Electric Standing Wheelchair - NeoStand. This innovative mobility solution, created in collaboration with NeoMotion, is specifically designed for individuals with limited arm strength, featuring a motorized standing function activated at the push of a button. The wheelchair's compact design facilitates maneuverability in constrained spaces, while its extensive customization options ensure a perfect fit for the unique requirements of each user.

Highlights About Product


Seating Customizations

Introductory Cost

Rs 89,900/-


One Year Included in Cost

Extended Warranty of up to three years available.

Delivery Time

30 Days

Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment is mandatory for the use of the Standing Wheelchair. This should be provided by a Healthcare Professional.

To Place Order

The product will be delivered by NeoMotion.

Contact Numbers:

English, Tamil, Malayalam - 9150032548

Hindi - 9150035489